Family & Relationships
A red rose on a brown funeral casket.

What to Consider When Planning a Funeral

When a family member or friend passes away, funerals are used to mourn and say goodbye. From costs to considerations, here's how to plan a funeral.
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How To Help Your Child Through a Divorce

Divorce can be a hard moment for people to go through. Through financial and family support, here's how to help your child through a divorce.
Food & Drink
A woman going over her grocery delivery order.

Want Groceries or Ready-to-Serve Meals Delivered to Your Door? Try These 3 Food Delivery Companies

Food delivery for elderly can be a helpful way to ensure proper and healthy food consumption. Here are some of the best meal delivery services for seniors.
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Easy Stir Fry Recipes

Want to branch out with your cooking? With these easy stir fry recipes there's something the whole family will love, and they're healthy too.
A close-up of an elderly's eyeball.

Protect Your Vision – Know the Difference Between Wet and Dry AMD

Macular degeneration is an age-related eye disease. When it comes to wet vs dry macular degeneration, there's a difference. Learn more here.
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Malnutrition In Seniors

Malnutrition in seniors can be a serious problem. There are many reasons why it happens, and spotting the symptoms is important for early intervention.
A woman sitting on a yoga mat in workout clothes setting up an online exercise routine.

Keep Your Body Moving: How to Exercise at Home

Due to the pandemic, it's good to know how to exercise at home so you can remain healthy. From stretches to online classes, there's something for everyone.
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Online Dance Classes For Seniors

Online dance classes for seniors can be a fun way to stay healthy and there are a variety of programs to choose from. Learn more here.
An older woman putting in her hearing aids

Our Top 3 Choices for Hearing Aids

Have you asked yourself, "how much do hearing aids cost?" These devices are life changing, but they are also pricey. In this article we list our favorites.
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Foods That Prevent Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease is the most common type of heart disease that causes heart attacks. Eat these foods that prevent heart disease to stay healthy.
Retirement & Finance
A group of seniors sitting on a couch while sipping tea.

3 Types of Assisted Living Facilities for Seniors

What is assisted living? It's a type of senior housing that provides meals, medicine and entertainment. Learn about what option is right for you.
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Veterans Benefits For Seniors

Veterans benefits for seniors can help make life easier when it comes to insurance and health care. Here you'll learn how to apply to all the benefits.
An elderly lady wearing a GPS tracking smartwatch.

GPS Tracking for Seniors: An Effective Way to Keep Track of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

If your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer's, GPS tracking for seniors can keep them safe. Learn more about the different tracking devices here.
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Best Home Security System

Security systems for your house are a great way to protect your possessions and family. What's the best home security system? Find out here.
The Ring Road in Iceland.

4 Stellar Road Trips for Seniors

Road trips are a unique way to experience a country. Here's a list of some of the best road trips for seniors, for both safety and entertainment.
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Senior Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is there to make sure you get refunded for anything that goes amiss during your travels. Here are some options for senior travel insurance.