Family & Relationships
Knowing the importance of family creates closer ties.

What is the Importance of Family?

Friends and family are what make our lives brighter and more meaningful. Knowing the importance of family is essential in keeping these relationships.
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How To Love Yourself More

Finding self love can be difficult at any age. Here you will learn about how to love yourself more so you can live a happier and fuller life.
Food & Drink
Hot dogs are not good to eat after 50.

What Not to Eat After Turning 50

As we age, how our bodies process food changes. Our bodies can no longer tolerate certain foods. Here are foods to avoid after 50.
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Cheap Meals For Large Families

Cooking for a family can be difficult because everyone may like different things. Here are cheap meals for large families that are sure to satisfy everyone.
A heart monitor.

Understanding the Risks of Atrial Fibrillation

What is atrial fibrillation? It is a medical term for an irregular heartbeat. This condition can have many causes. Find out about them here.
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Osteoporosis Prevention

Osteoporosis is a health condition that weakens bones. It can make daily tasks harder to complete. Here are some osteoporosis prevention tips.
a senior woman planting some flowers and starting a garden

A Beginners Guide to Gardening

Ever wondered how to start a garden? From what to plant to where to plant, here's everything you need to know about gardening for beginners.
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Volunteer Opportunities For Seniors

If you're thinking about retirement, you might also be thinking about what to do with more free time! We go over some volunteer opportunities for seniors.
Someone getting their hair cut.

Stylish Haircuts for Women in Their 50s

With age, you may consider shortening and lightening your hair, as this gives you a younger appearance. Here are the best haircuts for women over 50.
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Senior Citizen Discount

With age comes a senior citizen discount. From travel to food, to entertainment to shopping, there is a discount for everyone to use.
Retirement & Finance
A senior couple talking about their housing options.

Housing Options for Retired Seniors

Knowing where to live after retirement can be a tough decision. Here are the best places for retirees to live, depending on their health and lifestyle.
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Best Places To Retire In the World

Have you ever wanted to live in another country once retired? Here are some of the best places to retire in the world. Pack your bags.
An older lady using a cell phone.

Landlines and Cell Phones Geared Towards Seniors

Whether it is a landline telelphone or a cell phone, certain features are needed to cater to seniors. Learn about the best phones for seniors.
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Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Cell phones can help seniors in many ways, such as keeping them in contact with family. Here are the best cell phone plans for seniors.
A passport and luggage.

Have Peace of Mind and Get Senior Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is there to make sure you get refunded for anything that goes amiss during your travels. Here are some options for senior travel insurance.
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Disney World Tips

Traveling to Disney World with the hold family can be choatic without planning. Here are some Disney World tips to know when preparing.