A grandma playing with her grandchildren.

Why Your 60s Are the Best

The Good Things About Turning 60

As each decade passed, I definitely altered my “aspect to the sun.” I have always been of the philosophy that age is just a number, but for some reason, once I reached 60, I felt incredibly liberated. I realized all the good things about turning 60.

Why it is Important to Realize all the Good Things About Turning 60

Finally, I could do things for myself without worrying about anyone else. My kids were grown, educated and married. Now it had become my time. I made a bucket list of the things I wanted to do. Little did I know what else would happen!

Here are some of the good things about turning 60..

One of the Good Things About Turning 60 is Traveling

I took trips with travel groups that cater to people over 50. I traveled to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam), then to China, Morocco, India, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South America. I wanted to travel while I was young enough to truly be able to enjoy the challenges of living out of suitcases for three to six weeks at a time, walking the Great Wall of China, zip lining, getting an elephant massage (yes, a massage given by an elephant) and it has all been fabulous.

No Longer Caring About the Little Things

I no longer worried about “the little things.” I have accepted that life is full of challenges and that I cannot control everything. I made a conscious choice to accept my life as it is and learn to deal with it. I learned that worrying too much just adds wrinkles and does not change anything.

Stop Caring About Looks

I stopped thinking about having plastic surgery. I realized that me at 60 is who I am and I rather like her! I have definitely earned every crow line and wrinkle. That is not to say that I do not use antioxidants and moisturizers to keep them at bay, but not Botox.

Snagging Those Senior Discounts is One of the Good Things About Turning 60

Discounts galore! This is one of the best things about reaching the “ripe old senior” age of 60, getting lots and lots of discounts. For example, people over 60 are eligible for an America the Beautiful Pass which costs $20 by mail (or $10 when purchased in person) and provides free lifetime access to federal recreation sites including national parks, as well as discounts on expanded fees at these sites on campgrounds, cabins and guided tours. There are even restaurants and movie deals.

One of the Good Things About Turning 60 is Changing Your Career

At 60, I changed careers. I had worked my entire adult life in advertising and I loved it, but I also love to write and did not have time to do much of it while I ran the agency. When I retired, I started focusing on writing. I have written all types of articles, short stories and poetry. Every day is exciting and brings a new topic for me to focus on.

Becoming More Outgoing

I am much more spontaneous now than I have ever been. That is one of the glories of being this age. I can be outrageous, tell jokes, play with my grand kids like a kid and people think it is cute or great, not stupid.

Get Your Dream Car

I finally bought the car I had been eyeing for years. It is a sleek red convertible coupe. I would never have done that when I was younger. I needed space for the kids, carpool, their sports equipment and I was way too conservative.

If You Are Single

Not being married, I have come to realize that I can date whomever I want, just for fun and because there is a lot of chemistry there, I can end it when I want and not feel badly that it did not work out.

Making Excuses

I have learned that if there is something I do not want to do, I have got the perfect excuse for getting out of it. I usually say something to the effect of, “I’m really tired,” or, “I don’t feel especially well,” and that does the trick. No one holds it against me. After all, I am a senior!

People Look up to You

I mentor young people. I try to help them avoid the pitfalls I had to trip over while building my business. I have definitely gotten wiser as I have gotten older.

I have learned to let go of past grievances and have found it very liberating not to keep the anger and resentment inside.

Get Social Security

I started taking Social Security when I was 60, the youngest age one can start. While the benefits are less percentage wise, the time I will get a monthly check is much longer. For example, a person who makes $50K annually would receive $1,050.00 monthly at age 62. If that person waited until they were 70, they would receive $2,014.00. However, between the ages of 62 and age 70, that person would miss out on 96 months of $1,050.00 monthly payments, or $100,800.00 altogether. That is roughly four years' worth of payments.

Take up Journaling

Now that I have the time and a somewhat absent filter, I have started writing a journal about my life. The good, the bad, the ugly and definitely the funny. It includes things like what it was like to drive non-stop to Park City, Utah for my elder daughter’s wedding, leaving Baltimore the day after in a borrowed van with my then fiancé, who is now my ex-husband, and my daughter’s best girlfriend. It is amazing everyone made it alive!

Becoming a Grandparent

The absolute best thing about having turned 60 has been becoming a grandparent. The day Cash was born and the day he was joined by his cousin Ethan, were two of the happiest days of my life. Watching them grow has been an amazing experience and a journey we are taking together. It will definitely keep me young forever. These have been all the good things about turning 60.