A senior couple talking about their housing options.

Housing Options for Retired Seniors

The Best Places for Retirees to Live

Many people look for a new home when they retire. Based on your health and lifestyle, you may be looking for something specific. There are many options, from residential senior living groups to retirement homes and entire retirement communities, assisted living facilities and more.

Active Adult Living Community and Cohousing Community

These communities are neighborhoods designed for senior living. They have age restrictions on who can live within the community. In some communities, you may have your own house, townhouse or apartment. They are great for people who live an active, independent lifestyle and want to interact with and meet more people their age.

The idea of cohousing is to create a larger sense of community by having a community set up so that residents can interact more. While you may have your own house, the backyard will be connected with the backyards of other residents.

Within these communities, there tends to be a wide range of amenities and it is like living in a town made for active seniors. Some communities are so big that they include a golf course, pool, restaurants, bocce ball courts and more. All use is included in the fees you pay to live there. These communities can sometimes be very expensive to live in, but some communities are not as expensive and still offer a lot of additional amenities. If you want to retain your independence and live an active, recreational lifestyle and you need minimal support services, then an active adult living community is for you.

Independent Living Community

Independent living communities are often referred to as retirement homes. These communities offer more support for those who have good mobility and cognitive function but want or need some additional support with their meals and housekeeping. Retirement homes are not like the places you always see people dreading in movies. They offer their residents a lot of amenities.

As stated above, meals and housekeeping are included. Depending on the style of the community, you may live in an apartment or condo, but you could also find somewhere with a townhouse or duplex. Then, there are fun things like pools, a fitness center, spa services, libraries, a salon and cafes. There are also the emergency response units and support staff that are usually available 24 hours seven days a week for the residents.

Assisted Living Centers

Assisted living is also known as a nursing home, but that name has become so cliché that the term assisted living center is preferred. This style of living is for those who require additional assistance due to a physical or cognitive disability. Some retirement homes are a combination of independent living and assisted living, which is great for spouses.

In addition to having a lot of the same amenities as a retirement community, like housekeeping and meals, assisted living centers also provide their residents with daily support. That support would be in the forms of medication management, help with mobility, hygiene assistance and personal care attendants available 24 hours all seven days of the week. If you find that you are in a situation where you need added care and help with your day-to-day functions, assisted living centers are perfect for you.

In-Home Assistance

Maybe you are looking to retire in your current home. You may be concerned about the upkeep of your home or medication.

In that case, stay in your house! There are a lot of in-home care agencies that are dedicated to helping senior citizens stay in their homes if a time comes when they need extra help. There are companies like Meals on Wheels that will deliver food directly to you in your home. The food is healthy and delicious, and you do not have to prepare it yourself. There are cleaning services that you can hire for housekeeping too.

If you need personal support, there are trained professionals who will visit every day to help with in-home medication administration, as well as other support services like hygiene assistance and home care. These services not only help you to stay in your home where you are comfortable, but the people who perform these jobs are caring individuals who can help make the best environment for you.

In Review

As you can see, there are so many different options for the life you live once you retire that will support you in the best way according to your needs. There is something for those who are active, for those who want to make friends and for those who just need a little extra help. Now you know all about the best places for retirees to live. Go check out what is best for you!