Someone getting their hair cut.

3 Hairstyle Ideas for Older Women With Thinning Hair

Best Haircuts for Women Over 50

Being in your 50s usually means new lifestyle changes and you may be wondering whether a new haircut could make you look and feel younger. You are in luck because we cover the best haircuts for women over 50. Some other challenges when growing older include thinning hair and hair loss, but there are a few options available that can still make you feel confident, regardless of your hair changes.

Still, we understand that you might be hesitant about making a change. After all, you have experimented and lived with your hair for decades. By now, you have a pretty good idea of what works for you and what does not. Here we will look at a few reasons for why you might want to think about changing your hairstyle and we suggest some of the best haircuts for women over 50.

Why You Might Change Your Hairstyle After 50

Maybe you have been holding on to the style you loved in your younger years and now you have become comfortable with it. Or, as a busy working parent, your looks were placed on the backburner and you never gave much thought to your hair.

Younger women can get away with a hairstyle that is not necessarily ideal for their face shape or hair type, but your current style might now be outdated, or it may not enhance your changing features. Your hair may be graying, thinning and getting coarser and wiry. Add to this the fact that your face is aging and there are lines that you may want to hide.

What Causes Hair Loss and Thinning?

Hair loss and thinning is a part of aging and affects everyone differently, but why does it happen, and can it be prevented or treated?

Often times, hair loss can be hereditary, so it is good to look at your family members to see how their hair patterns have changed. If you analyze this early enough, you may be able to prolong losing hair. On top of that, certain disorders like thyroid and endocrine can cause hair changes. If you start to lose hair suddenly, reach out to your doctor to see if it is due to an underlying health condition.

Other factors that can play a role are hormone changes and nutrition deficiencies. As you age, your hormone levels fluctuate and you lose nutrients at a faster rate compared to when you were younger.

What Can You Do About Hair Thinning?

Change Up Your Haircare Products

One of the first things you can try for thinning hair is using volumizing shampoos and conditioners. You can do some effective research online, but we recommend talking to your hair stylist so they can choose the perfect product for you. There are certain top-line, salon items that can stimulate your hair follicles to promote newer growth. Hair masks might help as well, as these exfoliate your scalp, helping your hair to grow faster.

Take Supplements

There are certain vitamins, supplements and minerals that can promote healthier hair growth. As always, before committing and taking something long-term, discuss it with your doctor. However, some important and effective supplements that may help you include Nutrafol, Biotin and Viviscal Extra Strength Dietary Supplements. If you are looking at other options, make sure biotin is a main ingredient.

Laser Cap

Laser cap therapy uses low levels of laser on the scalp. It is sometimes called cold laser. Some studies have shown that this treatment can stimulate your hair follicles, encouraging new growth.

Pharmacy Treatments

If diet and supplements don't help, then talk to your doctor about medical treatments. This often includes taking medication, but there are alternative forms too. A popular one that might be prescribed to you is Rogaine. Rogaine is available over the counter as a liquid shampoo. You can apply it to your scalp once per day and it should help with hair regrowth. Other oral medications include Carospir, Aldactone or Avodart. Discuss each medicine and its side effects with your doctor to see which option is best for you.

Best Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

The above are all good reasons for why you might want to consider a stylish and modern haircut that can make you look years younger. Ideal haircuts for older women are softer styles that give volume to thinning hair and blend with the softening of our features as we age. Below we suggest some short, medium and long hair styles for women over 50.

1. The Pixie Cut

Many older women opt for shorter styles that do not involve a lot of work. A choppy pixie cut has become a popular choice for older women. It’s a feminine and low maintenance hairstyle suitable for any hair. A pixie cut adds a lot of volume, making it particularly suitable for thinning and fine hair.

With slight variations such as a feathery fringe, bangs swept to the side or extra length on top, it can be cut to suit any face shape. It works very well to soften the angles of a square or a heart shaped face, and it adds height on top if you have a round face.

2. A Bob

A short to medium bob can be either classically sleek, curly, or cut in layers to add softness and volume. You hairstylist will be able to advise on the right length and type of bob to suit your type of hair and your features.

A classic bob is low maintenance and ideal for straight hair. Any bob frames the face and softens the jawline if you have a square face. For a round face, avoid a chin length bob; a longer sleek bob will add length. Even for naturally curly hair, a bob is fun and feminine.

If your hair is fine and thin it is best to stick to short styles that add volume and lift. For thicker hair you can also consider medium and long haircuts.

3. Medium Length Hair Cuts

Medium length hairstyles reach just below the shoulders and are mostly low maintenance. Be warned though, these styles can end up shapeless if you do not get a good cut. Medium length hair should ideally be worn in layers around the face to add volume. The layers can be sleek, choppy or curly.

This is often the best length for a long face. Curls and waves can add width, and a fringe will shorten the face further. For other face shapes, consider a side part, sweeping bangs or a choppy fringe.

Ready for a New Hairstyle?

We’ve highlighted some of the best haircuts for women over 50. Take your time and study different hairstyles. Find a few that match the look you are keen about and that compliment your face shape, hair texture and what you would be able to manage. Ask your friends for their opinion. Finally, take the pictures along to your hair stylist, ask questions and consider their professional input as well.

Follow these suggestions and you are likely to walk out of the salon with a fresh, modern and younger look, with a bounce in your step.