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The Benefits of Semi Retirement

What is Semi Retirement?

Retirement is a big adjustment for the majority of people who have worked all their lives. It can be especially difficult, both financially and psychologically, when a retiree is given no choice as to whether he or she actually wants to retire. You may be wondering, what is semi retirement?

Average working class individuals typically spend their prime employment years paying down their mortgages, paying utility and food bills, as well as attempting to save as much as they can for their children’s post-secondary educations. Generally, there is not much, if anything, left over to sock away into retirement saving plans.

As a result, most retired people certainly find they benefit from a little extra money coming in order to help pay for “extras” like a yearly vacation or an education fund for their grandchildren. This is where “semi-retirement” comes in. Often, even those who have invested wisely and are in a relatively good financial position will also consider semi-retirement.

A Sense of Purpose

Most of us enjoy working and making a positive contribution to society. Having something constructive to do makes us feel useful and it gives us a great sense of fulfillment.

In fact, society tends to validate our existence by way of our jobs. Our careers define us as people. When your career is who you are, it can be extremely hard to break away from that. Thus, semi-retirement is an excellent option because we can still contribute and see the positive impact our efforts make, but at the same time, we can increase the amount of time we spend on leisure activities or doing volunteer work.

Jobs That Are Good for Semi Retirement

If you are someone who is retired and wants to work again or you are looking to retire but do not want to full give up work, that is okay. We understand that you may want to stay busy and make extra money. Here are some great job ideas to stay semi retired:

  • Chef
  • Work at a shelter
  • Work for the city
  • Cleaner
  • Barista
  • Teach classes


A large part of our social lives is directly tied to our careers since we spend so much of our time at our place of employment. Unfortunately, retired people often lose contact with most of their former co-workers very quickly. The latter are usually very busy and they do not make the effort to stay in touch with those who have left the company.

When retirees work part-time, they can still connect with their existing co-workers, but also have time to meet new people and build an entirely different social network, so they will not feel lonely or isolated.

Here are some other places to meet new people:

  • A local shelter by volunteering
  • At the library book club
  • At the local running group
  • Online
  • Community barbecue

Keeping Your Mind and Body Active

All of a sudden, when we retire, we have all this extra time on our hands. It seems almost natural to park in front of the television to watch programs like soap operas, reality shows and sporting events while eating and drinking too much. Unfortunately, getting lots of exercise is not at the top of our list of things to do to keep us occupied.

Taking on a part-time job can help keep our minds stimulated and our bodies moving. Engaging in mental and physical activities are very important to our general health and well being.

Research shows that increased activity levels aid in staving off age-related memory loss and other medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and depression.

Pass On Your Expertise

There can be a great deal of expertise and experience walk out the door when older people completely retire. In fact, retirees possess a wealth of knowledge that they can share with younger workers before riding off into the sunset.

When retirees give back by helping to mentor the next generation, it’s be a win-win situation for everyone. Retirees can act as consultants on a part-time basis with the company they retired from or they can also help younger working professionals by joining various mentoring organizations.

Start Your Own Business in Semi Retirement

If you want to work but do not want to work for someone, why not start your own business? Has there been something you have been passionate about your whole like but never took the time to pursue it? Start there.

If you love to bake, consider opening a bakery or restaurant. If you love to read, consider opening a bookstore. If you love to do yoga or are an artist, open your own studio.

Opening your own business can be nerve wracking but it is totally worth the time and effort. Make sure you do your research and get everything into place such as a loan and building space. Having your own business also allows for more flexibility. you can more your own hours and still enjoy your time.