10 Things You Should Know About Cohousing

Cohousing Communities are not Cults

What is Cohousing?

Cohousing is a movement taking the United States by storm, especially among young families and baby boomers.

Cohousing is a very different kind of lifestyle. It isn’t just about the physical amenities the size of your living space, or whether or not there’s a community garden. Living in cohousing requires a different kind of commitment than what you normally encounter in a neighborhood. Here are a few things to understand about cohousing:

1. Cohousing Communities Are Not Cults

You are not expected to sign away your life savings or first born child when you join a cohousing community.

In fact, owning a home in a cohousing community is very much like owning a home in any homeowner’s association (HOA) — many use the HOA model to handle community property dues and maintenance, and to abide by local zoning laws and ordinances. While residents are often screened for their willingness to participate in community life, cohousing seldom requires residents to participate in community dinners or social gatherings if they don’t want to.