An older lady using a cell phone.

Landlines and Cell Phones Geared Towards Seniors

What are the Best Phones for Seniors?

Phones keep us connected with family and friends and can also be a useful safety device to have handy in case of emergencies. Whether you need a home phone or a cell phone, some telephones and certain carriers are best suited for seniors’ needs. Some phones have larger buttons for the visually impaired and others offer better quality sound if you are experiencing some hearing loss. These are some things to look for in the best phones for seniors.

We reviewed some brands and carriers and came up with the best choices that cater to seniors. Let’s take a look at some of the best phones for seniors on the market today.

What to Look for in a Land Line Telephone

Many factors come into account when choosing a phone for your home. Your health and lifestyle are the basic things to look at. If you are active and have sight or hearing issues, these are some things to consider. Phones differ and your needs will determine what features you need. Consider some of these features:

  • Ringer volume and sound quality. Some phones have extra loud ringers and offer high-quality sound for the hearing impaired.
  • Button size. Button size matters if you are visually impaired. The bigger buttons are easier to read and press.
  • Special features. Choose a phone that is cordless if you need more mobility and care to take your phone with you around the house and outside. Some phones even have a one-touch emergency service call.

What to Look for in a Cell Phone

Cell phones are great to have to keep in touch with family and friends. You can even receive photos of the grandkids on your cell phone and show them to your friends.

Again, your health issues and lifestyle will determine what type of cell phone is best for you. Here are some things to consider:

  • Screen size. Cell phones vary in size and a bigger screen will suit you if you have visual impairments.
  • Font sizes. Some phones will let you adjust and make the font on the phone bigger so you can read with greater ease.
  • Ringer volume and sound quality. Cell phones have different ringers that you can choose from and some are louder than others.
  • Special features. Features like one-touch emergency services may be something you are looking into. Storage and internet access are also good things to look into as well, depending on your lifestyle.

The Best Phones for Seniors: Cell Phones and Landlines

Two carriers have specialized in the senior cell phone service market in the U.S.: Great Call and Consumer Cellular. Great Call provides the Jitterbug phones and works with the Verizon network. Consumer Cellular uses the AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

Senior-Friendly Landlines

VTech Expandable Phone

The VTech Expandable Phone with an answering system has a few great features that we feel are appropriate for seniors. With this model VTech, you get both a corded telephone base and a cordless portable handset.

The digital answering system will take your messages when you cannot get to the phone. The VTech phone has basic features like caller ID, call waiting and speakerphone. What makes this phone ideal for seniors is the large backlit display with large numbers and adjustable volume control that is compatible with hearing aids. You can find it on Amazon for around $43.

Future Call FC-1007 Phone

The Future Call FC-1007 phone is a more basic phone and is perfect if you do not need caller ID and other similar features. What’s great about this phone is that you can insert photos of 10 people and press the programmed number to easily get in touch.

It also has a large 911 button for easy access in case of an emergency. There’s a bright LED light that signals all incoming calls and also offers a loud volume for the hearing impaired. You can buy it on Amazon for around $34.

Senior-Friendly Cell Phones

Jitterbug Smart2 by Great Call

The Jitterbug Smart2 is for you if you want access to all the bells and whistles and everything that smartphones have to offer. This smartphone is specifically designed with seniors in mind, making it our top choice for cell phones.

The display on the Jitterbug Smart2 is large and clear. The operating system is designed with large fonts instead of confusing icons displayed in a list format. The speaker is facing the front, unlike other smartphones. They usually have it on the bottom.

With this phone, you can activate the 5 Star service from Great Call that gives you instant access to first responder services and keeps your family members updated. This cell phone is sold for around $150.

Nokia 3310 3G by Nokia

A smartphone with all the bells and whistles may not be exactly what you want or need. The Nokia 3310 3G is one of the most basic cell phones that still provides you with features like internet access, texting and a basic camera.

What we like about this cell phone is the clear and simple interface and the curved display screen that is polarized so that it is easier to see when you are outside in the sunlight. You can find it on Amazon for $55.