3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Communication Skills

Check In

Good Communication Leads to Better Relationships

Over the years, you have changed a lot. Your style of dress, your job, your car and your hair have evolved to meet your current needs.

But what about your communication? The way you communicate is the basis for every relationship you have. Good communication skills leads to better relationships, and the opposite is true also.

Are you communicating in ways that are presently relevant and helpful, or are you clinging to outdated methods hoping for positive results? Is your communication style accomplishing your goals, or are you hopelessly stuck in an ineffective system?

Building better communication skills is possible for anyone at any age. Here’s how:

1. Check In

How would you rate your current style of communication? Where do you think your communication style comes from? What lessons were you taught about how you were supposed to communicate as a child, and how have you carried it with you throughout your life?

Communication is a learned skill that you began to absorb from birth. The way that you were spoken to, the praise that you received for some types of communication, and the punishment you received for other types of communication shaped the way you relate to the world.

Perhaps, you communicate in way similar to a parent, or maybe you developed an opposite style. Times were different when you were growing up and certain expectations may have placed upon you. Ideas like, “girls should be seen and not heard,” and, “boys are strong and tough,” can have a lasting impact on your life.

Knowing where you begin helps you get to your destination.